AnTuTu tests Snapdragon 730 and 665, has good and bad news

Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 665 and 730 to bolster its mid-range lineup, but how do they compare to the existing models – 660, 670, 675 and 710?

The Snapdragon 730 is significantly faster than the 710, offering up to 25% extra performance. The 730G version – binned 730 chips that can run at higher speeds – is about 5% faster than the non-G version. We suspect that the G chips will be rare, but we won’t be missing much in terms of performance.

This is surprising since based on data from AnTuTu, the Snapdragon 730G GPU runs at significantly higher clockspeed – 825MHz vs. 700MHz. The CPU gets a decent clock bump as well, 2.4GHz vs. 2.2GHz. Note that Qualcomm officially only claims higher GPU clocks, it said nothing about the CPU.

Then comes the Snapdragon 665, which posted lower scores than the 660 it’s meant to replace. The two are about equal in terms of CPU power (the CPUs are the same, but built on a different process), what’s interesting is that the new Adreno 610 is slower than the Adreno 512.

The Snapdragon 670 has a better GPU than the 675, but a weaker CPU. So it would be up to smartphone makers to prioritize performance in games or in apps.

 CPU (big)CPU (small)GPUProcess
Snapdragon 730G2x Kryo 470 (A76) @ 2.4GHz6x Kryo (A55)Adreno 618 @ 825MHz8nm LPP
Snapdragon 7302x Kryo 470 (A76) @ 2.2GHz6x Kryo (A55)Adreno 618 @ 700MHz8nm LPP
Snapdragon 7102x Kryo 360 (A75) @ 2.2GHz6x Kryo (A55)Adreno 61610nm LPP
Snapdragon 6752x Kryo 460 (A76) @ 2.0GHz6x Kryo (A55)Adreno 61211nm LPP
Snapdragon 6702x Kryo 360 (A75) @ 2.0GHz6x Kryo (A55)Adreno 61510nm LPP
Snapdragon 6654x Kryo 250 (A73) @ 2.0GHz4x Kryo (A53)Adreno 61011nm LPP
Snapdragon 6604x Kryo 260 (A73) @ 2.2GHz4x Kryo (A53)Adreno 51214nm LPP